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Manage Lists

Manage your contact list through user friendly interface, Operations like import, add, delete, and export .


Track your campaign performance based on real time stats like open, clicks, CTR, bounces etc.

Spam Checker

Check your campaign’s spam score before you send, Make your campaign to hit higher inbox.


You can do all your user related setup or even integrate with other application using API.


You can upgrade anytime to a different plan without any hassle in a minute.


One click unsubscribe that prevent your subscriber if they are no more interested to receive your mail.

Getting Noticed Through Email Marketing

Marketing proves to be the backbone for any vocation and pursued in numerous ways varying from just propagating your message by word of mouth-for small scale industries to high level advertising for large scale industries. The main aim of marketing comes to light as being the right way of communication with your customers. Now that communication emerges as the main intent of any kind of marketing,email marketing is one of those which creates the right kind of impact and impression on your target audience. If done very technically and sophisticated, mass mailing can reap results that will highlight your business the way you want it to be.

And what's more? Email marketing turns out to be one of the cheapest mediums through which you can make the complete image of your merchandise reach your recipients. Imagine your campaign being more cost effective than high level ad campaigns but still giving about the same result to your commercial interests.

But a very important and generally overlooked phenomenon of this marketing technique is ethics. If done completely ethically, the reputation of your business enterprise will reap you more results than expected .And we at believe in ethics.