Working With Video Email Marketing

Mass Email marketing through the way of videos serves a lot of purpose as it attracts the most attention than any other media, be it text, images etc. Video email marketing has the potential to work wonders for you if done in the right way. A recipient is more persuadable through the medium of videos than any other medium, where you can exhibit your products and services to them in a more unhampered manner. video email marketing

Video email marketing is a very powerful medium


  •  To start with, keep it small and minuscule just in order to judge its pros and cons in a safe way. I mentioned “safe” because video email marketing is a very powerful medium of mass email marketing and It has the potential to change anyone’s perspective completely. A small video can be used to test all the pros and cons. You have to decide a few things here like what you want and how. Cost effectiveness and easy to materialize are some of the things you might be looking for. And then go for it. Once you have acquired the attention of a group of recipients, you can further present them with what you have to offer them. But for first timers, work safely without getting too ambitious.
  • Your video has to be short enough so that your recipients spare time to view it completely. Long videos are often terminated by the viewer in the middle itself. So keep your video up to the mark of just being a trailer which says it all in about half a minute.
  • Still remember that your only focus should not be your video email marketing. Your bulk email still needs images and good content. Focus on that too. Sometimes maybe, your recipients do not have enough reasons to open your video, though your open rate is high. This could be because they are too busy etc. So make it up for them and let them know what the video and your email is all about with compelling text and images. You cannot do without them.
  • Your first email video will be a crucial one in deciding what to do with your video email marketing idea in future. So send this mass email campaign of yours to some of your regular openers to see their reaction. You definitely need your regular and long related clients here because you want someone to give their reaction and unless they open it, you will get no reaction.
  • Now for your further efforts and continuous business of video email marketing, you have to conceive a bulk email list which consists of subscribers who are exclusively interested in video emails. Through your sign-up form get subscribers to opt-in to receive video emails and then you’d be sure that your open rates will soar high.

Email Marketing Service Can Help You To Promote your Blog Dramatically

Email marketing and blogging does work together dramatically. Apart from writing interesting content and changing it on a regular basis, a blogger needs to promote his work efficiently. This is experimented by many bloggers who try spreading their work through email marketing service and other media, like social networking.

Promote Your Blog Through Email Marketing Services

Here are a few ways through which you can promote your blog through email marketing marketing services

Tell Then About Your Future Plans

Tell your readers what you are planning to write on, before hand and build that enthusiasm in them. Try to attract their attention and hold it through a perfectly designed email campaign that gives them a preview of what’s in store for them in future. Also through this idea, show them you are still around and your blog is very much active, or else they might lose hold of your work.

Use Your Social Networking Popularity

If your blog or post is active in the social networks. Tell them through an email campaign about your twee, Face book fans, Social footprints and link backs to your original post that will also work. You will be happy to see how your email subscribers pay you visits.

Let Them Know What Other Readers Think

Yes, you can show off what other readers have commented. When you design such an email, include the title of your post with a gist of the topic and one or two sensible and informative comments of your readers. Give more people a reason to join in to give their views either to contradict or to favor the original readers.

Send Them Alerts If They’ve Missed Things, Through A Well Designed Email Campaign

Create an email campaign with parts of your best posts and send it to them. Make them notice that they are missing out things that could work for them. Create and design your campaign such that, in a little time your recipient should be able to scan the topics and read through his or her relevant topics without any hassles.

So let them know what you are doing and when, how it is all going on and they will be more interested to read your work and pay you visits.

How To Trigger Response From A Passive Subscriber

email marketing lists do contain some of those inactive and unresponsive recipients. Some of us email marketers generally prefer to wait for their response. We are mostly unable to decide whether to keep them on our email marketing lists or discard them. So we silently wait, expecting them to respond at some time or in some way.

It’s time to get geared up and find out if this relationship is in any way going to be fruitful. If no action is taken, we may land up as spam for some of them. Even they may report us as spam or also might deteriorate the email metrics with lesser click throughs.

Some steps to deal with the unresponsive email marketing lists

So here are some steps to deal with the unresponsive ones

Take their opinionemail marketing lists

  • Plan a survey on your product or services just to know why they have lingered away from you.
  •  You might also ask them for their opinion on any improvement of your brand and your email marketing lists standards.
  •  This might trigger their desire to make a difference by giving an opinion. You can ultimately recapture their interest and get them back.
  • If, in the worst case scenario, this doesn’t work, you always have the valuable information in the form of their feedback, as to why your brand could not make an impact on some of your recipients.

Try alluring them with special offers

  • Design special and specific type of emails and offers pertaining to your recipients’ needs, location and the kind of society he/she lives in.
  • Generalized kind of offers may fail to grab their attention.
  • You can either offer them free stuff, like free concert tickets, apps, games or eBooks, etc.

Finally, call it off

  • If all your efforts of retrieving them back are in vain, you have to let them go, to maintain a clean email marketing lists with interested prospective customers.
  • Because that is the USP of Opt-In email marketing lists, maintaining the recipients who are interested and improving your chances of click through.
  • Send your unresponsive recipients an email telling them that you are planning to remove them from your email marketing lists because of their lack of interest in you.
  • Ask them to click on a reconfirmation link if they want to continue receiving your emails and let them know about what they might miss if they don’t.