The 5 Golden Elements Of Mass Email Marketing

As mass email marketing is growing by the day, it is becoming increasingly important for email marketers to concisely define the right path ways through which they should be working along to hit their target more and more effectively. Though mass email marketing proves to be one of the easiest, cost effective and most efficient email marketing tools, it is not enough to engage in mass email marketing blindly without following any tactical and intelligent road map.

Major Elements Of Mass Email Marketing


Here are some major elements of mass email marketing that every email marketer should ensure to use in his mass email marketing campaigns.

mass email marketing

1.       Content

The first and considerably important element of email marketing, or for that matter, any kind of marketing is the right content. Every email marketer should know the importance of right words and content while designing each of his email marketing campaigns. There are certain things that your emails content should include, like announcements of new products, special offers, developments in the industry, special events, etc. hence the email needs to be well written, engaging and beneficial to your recipient.

2.       Mailing List

After working on the content part of the emails, you need to decide to whom you are going to send your communication. Here the role of a mailing list comes into picture. It is important to consider using an opt-in email list for better and safe performance of your email campaign. There are various ways and means to build opt-in mailing lists. You can incorporate sign-up forms on your website to collect emails of interested customers who are willing to receive your communication. Other means include events, advertisements, etc. You can also gather emails when customers make purchases. Viral Marketing is also a way through which you give an option of Forward-To-Friends.

3.       Format

Next, you have to decide how you want your email to be presented to your recipients. It can be in two formats, either HTML or Text. It also depends on the content of your email. The major difference between the two formats is that the HTML comprise of emails that look like clickable WebPages and include graphics etc. The text format is generally used for sending emails which contain informative stuff. You can however include links in your text emails which lead your readers to HTML pages.

4.       Testing

After you have designed your email and decided on the target audience by building your list it is recommended that you test your campaign before sending it out to your audience. For this, you need to send out the emails in smaller groups to determine the response given to the campaign. Through this effort you can make any further improvements that your campaign needs in order to become successful.

5.       Tracking

Any email marketing program should allow you to track your campaign on its step wise progress. This should include a lot of information such as your campaigns open rate, click through rate, bounce rates and much more. It is essential for you to keep a track of your email campaign’s progress to judge your success and to get hints for future improvements.

  Email marketing when used tactically has the potential to yield the most ROI in the industry but it require a lot of research and a systematic and professional way of approach.

Gain Your Subscribers, Don’t Buy Mailing Lists

Its common knowledge that buying mailing lists is unethical and will be detrimental for a business in its future. It may perhaps bring some short term success but cannot help your cause in the long run.

Besides, it annoys the recipients who receive your emails even after not opting in to hear from you

Besides being unethical and frustrating, there are certain business risks associated with purchasing email lists for your campaign.

Why buying mailing lists is suicidal

mailing lists

  • Purchased mailing lists could get you blacklisted:  They might contain spam traps or old non functioning emails that may cause your company to be blacklisted.Also there are many companies which make use of services like spam reporting and black listed sender identifiers, which might result in your emails completely blocked by such companies.
  • Increase bounce backs: When you buy an mailing lists, which might contain non functioning emails, the rate of bounce backs increases, sadly hurting your overall performance and your IP reputation.
  • Downgrade of Sender score: When the bounce rate of any email campaign increases, the sender score of it downgraded .Such things might also result in the damage of your IP reputation. Sender score is an account of undeliverable messages and spam reports on a scale of 0-100. Low sender score restricts even the non spammy, opt in emails, from being delivered successfully.

 On the contrary, there are many good ways to build your subscribe mailing lists.

  • Use inbound marketing to grow your opt-in list: Build some interesting, relevant and useful content to attract the attention of potential buyers.Motivate them to subscribe to your stuff. And when they do subscribe, you know that they are interested and you can keep them included in all your future endeavors.
  • Give them reasons to be with You need to show them that clear distinction between the subscribers and non subscribers, and what the latter ones are missing by providing them with various product offers,discounts, etc.
  • Arrange events and concerts: Such type of events where people come to your show with prior interest becomes a platform for you to get your opt-ins. Get your visitors to fill sign-up forms and encourage them to join you.