Why inbox mass mailer is really important for growing sales

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Businesses around the globe spend quite a great deal of money on marketing. According to certain demographics of 2012, the companies in the US roughly spent $64 billion for TV ads and around $39 billion on internet advertising. But, we do have an exception when we think about email marketing here since only $1.5 billion is spent on this. Email messages are an easy way to get traction on market. You get massive returns on your investment and the inbox mass mailer here remains the company itself. Compared to other expensive methods, email marketing is something that is highly “targeted”. You can choose for yourself regarding the recipients of your mail which can be an advertisement or an informational article.

How an inbox mass mailer can attain better results


One of the best solutions to choose regarding email marketing is an inbox mass mailer wherein you will be enabled to send tons of messages. Emails are really cost-effective. Suppose that you are considering direct mail – chances are that you have to spend a great deal of money for doing the same and what about emails, it’s highly affordable. The email sender being your company, just a few bucks have to be spent to attain better results. Suppose you have chosen TV ads, say you will never know who will be watching your ads. But with emails, you can track what’s happening at the other end, and your sales get rising instantly.

Let’s consider a scenario where a user has just seen a mail, a typical business one wherein the mass mailer has mentioned about the new offers. It’s obvious that the user will show some positive action, maybe something that cannot be easily tracked like ordering the product from another online portal. Though we were not able to track the actions of the user here, we were able to get some better sales, and this is what it is all about email marketing. It wouldn’t cost much to use an inbox mass mailer for this purpose and you get more viewers here than any other medium, whether it be TV ads or internet advertising. Although direct mail has more response rate than bulk emails, it is not at all affordable in any ways and that is the reason why you have to consider investing in email marketing.