Right Subject Line Is The Key Of Success in Email Marketing

The importance of creating the right subject line goes a long way to decide the success of your email campaign. It decides the exact fate of your email deliverability and also how your recipients react on your mails.

The Perfect Subject Line While Email Marketing

email subject line

To ensure that your mails are opened and read, it is important that the subject line is written with utmost care and priority.

How beneficial is your product or service to your recipient 

The first and foremost thing to consider while writing a subject is, why should the recipient look into your email..? Does it do something good to him/her..?  Is there anything which benefits the recipient in your email..? Include it in the subject if there is something important for the recipient that he might not want to lose.

Describe your mail in your subject 

As we all might know, subject lines are best written within 50 characters or so. To include a description of your email in your subject line, you need to first draft your email and then pick out the most relevant and important elements to write in your subject. Also include your company name, product and its benefits to the recipient.

Meaningful and short

Stick to the 50 characters touch stone and write your subject in a meaningful way. Such an email gets more click troughs.

Test your subject

Draft about two subject lines and test them by applying them to two different groups of emails and send them. Find out which works better and use that one.

Some things to avoid while writing subject lines while Email Marketing

  • Never leave it blank. Subject lines are the only text that your recipient can see of your mail without opening it. So make the best use of this chance and attract your recipient into opening your mail by devising the right and appropriate subject.
  • Don’t greet informally. Writing “Hello” or “Hi” in the subject line gives a perception that you are making the “effort” to catch the attention of the recipient, which bringing his/her notice to something which he/she is not interested in. That ultimately will be viewed as spam and can harm your email campaign.

Email Marketing Tips To Improve Email Marketing Campaign

It completely makes sense how email marketing is growing by the day keeping in view its cost worthiness and measure-ability, among other specialties. Having said that, there are some challenges to be met while designing and carrying out an email marketing campaign.

Challenges of your email marketing campaign


Some challenges of your email marketing campaign include deliver ability and avoiding the spam traps etc.  among others.

email marketing campaign

One of the major concerns of every email marketer is quality content. It sure decides the fate of your email marketing campaign. You are advised to focus primarily on the needs of your recipients and what they really are looking for. You are required to provide them valuable content which triggers their interest. But while you are on the task of conceptualizing such content, you should define what you have for them, what your business objectives are, On the basis of that you need to identify your target audience. Sending targeted emails to a selected group of audience works far better than sending in mass mail to a random and generic group of audience.

Along with the design of your email marketing campaign, you need to work on testing your efforts regularly. Before sending out your email marketing campaign test it by sending it to yourself and a few others in the staff. Judge its look and feel as an outsider. One helpful tip: keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Opt-in email marketing campaign are the most recommended, safe and result oriented. Try gaining more subscribers through different means, but never go in for opt-out email marketing. If your subscribers tend to unsubscribe from your campaign, try and get feedback from them for their reason of unsubscribing. Let them tell you what caused their unsubscription, whether it is irrelevant content or anything else.

Keep measuring your ups and downs. Your business is bound to all kinds of ups and downs just like any other aspect of life. But measuring your business performance will always help you in improving it.

Working With Video Email Marketing

Mass Email marketing through the way of videos serves a lot of purpose as it attracts the most attention than any other media, be it text, images etc. Video email marketing has the potential to work wonders for you if done in the right way. A recipient is more persuadable through the medium of videos than any other medium, where you can exhibit your products and services to them in a more unhampered manner. video email marketing

Video email marketing is a very powerful medium


  •  To start with, keep it small and minuscule just in order to judge its pros and cons in a safe way. I mentioned “safe” because video email marketing is a very powerful medium of mass email marketing and It has the potential to change anyone’s perspective completely. A small video can be used to test all the pros and cons. You have to decide a few things here like what you want and how. Cost effectiveness and easy to materialize are some of the things you might be looking for. And then go for it. Once you have acquired the attention of a group of recipients, you can further present them with what you have to offer them. But for first timers, work safely without getting too ambitious.
  • Your video has to be short enough so that your recipients spare time to view it completely. Long videos are often terminated by the viewer in the middle itself. So keep your video up to the mark of just being a trailer which says it all in about half a minute.
  • Still remember that your only focus should not be your video email marketing. Your bulk email still needs images and good content. Focus on that too. Sometimes maybe, your recipients do not have enough reasons to open your video, though your open rate is high. This could be because they are too busy etc. So make it up for them and let them know what the video and your email is all about with compelling text and images. You cannot do without them.
  • Your first email video will be a crucial one in deciding what to do with your video email marketing idea in future. So send this mass email campaign of yours to some of your regular openers to see their reaction. You definitely need your regular and long related clients here because you want someone to give their reaction and unless they open it, you will get no reaction.
  • Now for your further efforts and continuous business of video email marketing, you have to conceive a bulk email list which consists of subscribers who are exclusively interested in video emails. Through your sign-up form get subscribers to opt-in to receive video emails and then you’d be sure that your open rates will soar high.