How Unsubscribing Option Is Important For The Emailing Marketers

Apart from being considered as a good practice, providing an unsubscribe option also helps emailing marketers in a number of ways. It is a known fact that email campaigns should contain an unsubscribe option is to avoid being labeled as a spammer. It is important that the recipients should be given the freedom to decide whether they want to receive communication from you and this goes along way in determining a strong and long lasting customer relationship with the emailing marketers. Incorporating the unsubscribe in your welcome message itself will prevent the recipient from further receiving unwanted emails and frustrate the recipient to the extent of reporting as spam.

Benefits of emailing marketers

emailing marketers

The benefits that emailing marketers can make out of incorporation of unsubscribe button in the emails is that, they will come to know the number of recipients who have opted out even after opting in for their email campaign. This gives the emailing marketers an idea that there is something that has to be improved in order to keep the existing recipients intact. From further efforts like surveys, etc. the reasons of such behavior can be found out and the email marketing tactics can be further improved. It is only a number of unsubscribes that force the company to rethink about its emailing marketers techniques and improve them.

Also, after any of the recipients have unsubscribed, it is a good practice to send them an acknowledgement that the unsubscribe process has been completed. This ensures trust among the customers and improves the reputation of the company as a whole.

Keeping the unsubscribe button easily locatable works in the favor of emailing marketers. It discourages their recipients from clicking the spam button. A good way is to include a two step process of unsubscribing which allows the recipient to confirm the removal. The first step might allow him to unsubscribe and at the second step you may ask the reason for unsubscribing, so that you nay improve your campaign and give them better results. At this point of time he might either change his idea of unsubscribing or give in a feedback to you on why he is opting to unsubscribe.

Facts To Help In Deciding Email Campaign Should Continue Or Stop

It becomes quite tough to identify and decide when to end your bulk email campaign. When your email campaign is running successfully or it is having its bad days, in both the scenarios, it is difficult to take the right decision of the time of ending it. Let us discuss these situations and find a perfect solution for the decision on a perfect ending. It cannot be over looked that there is no particular method or rule to conclude your mass email campaign at the right time, but there are a number of different criteria which have to be considered while taking this decision.

The right time of your mass email campaign

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Some email marketing campaigns are designed to reach a specific, time limited goal, like obtaining donations for some charity or obtaining voters’ support during elections. When the goal of these email campaign is reached that is, if the amount needed for the charity is collected or the elections are over, it is logical that the email campaign should end, however successful it might have been. In such a case, there should be no second thoughts or difficulty in taking the decision of ending the campaign.

When we think about a email campaign that is not working out results, we have to take into account a few criteria to take a decision whether to end the campaign or not. You might have to weigh some facts like the amount of investment you are putting in, the prediction of possibility of success in the near future based on the metrics and reports obtained, etc. If the email marketer is putting in much effort in terms of time and money from a long period of time, and still is unable to generate results, it is a good option to end the email campaign then and there, and think about new ideas and tactics which could work out. But if there is not much of an effort being put in into the campaign and if there is still scope to see any future development, the campaign can be carried on for some more time and wait for results.

Some campaigns are of the nature of continuity, and need to be continuously sent out to keep providing information and knowledge to your recipients and also have long term subject and offers to be delivered. Such bulk email campaigns need not be ended and can run on a long term basis.

Winning Recipient Trust Is The Key Of Success While Email Marketing

We all know that keeping contact with your customers is a very crucial part of any inline business these days. While email marketing proves to be advantageous in this endeavor, it also has many of its disadvantages that we need to be careful about, while we are going for email marketing campaigns. How much ever we would like all our recipients open and click through our emails, it is an unavoidable fact that not everyone does that, even if they have opted in for marketing

Email marketing to be advantageous


Due to some indiscriminate emailers , bulk emailing has earned a bad reputation. When people send in spam or unopted emails with objectionable content, it brings a bad reputation to the whole community of email marketers. For the same reason, it has become difficult for people to part with their email IDs and people are hesitant to opt-in even for legitimate bulk emailing.

This brings the email marketers to the task of getting subscribers in a more strategic way. They should win the trust of the subscribers first by inviting them to subscribe and mentioning that their email is safe with them and will not be sold to any third party. Grab their attention towards subscription by inviting them to something which is of their interest and something in search of which they arrived at your site.

After winning their trust, you cannot lose it by sending them irrelevant emails or news letter of topics that they are uninterested in. This may be fatal for you in the long run, as there will come a time when you will face unsubscription or even spam due to these irrelevant emails.

One more task for a good email marketing endeavor is to keep modifying your emailing list so as to exclude inactive, bounced emails, spam reporting emails, etc form your list. This goes a long way for effective email marketing.

Email Marketing Service Can Help You To Promote your Blog Dramatically

Email marketing and blogging does work together dramatically. Apart from writing interesting content and changing it on a regular basis, a blogger needs to promote his work efficiently. This is experimented by many bloggers who try spreading their work through email marketing service and other media, like social networking.

Promote Your Blog Through Email Marketing Services

Here are a few ways through which you can promote your blog through email marketing marketing services

Tell Then About Your Future Plans

Tell your readers what you are planning to write on, before hand and build that enthusiasm in them. Try to attract their attention and hold it through a perfectly designed email campaign that gives them a preview of what’s in store for them in future. Also through this idea, show them you are still around and your blog is very much active, or else they might lose hold of your work.

Use Your Social Networking Popularity

If your blog or post is active in the social networks. Tell them through an email campaign about your twee, Face book fans, Social footprints and link backs to your original post that will also work. You will be happy to see how your email subscribers pay you visits.

Let Them Know What Other Readers Think

Yes, you can show off what other readers have commented. When you design such an email, include the title of your post with a gist of the topic and one or two sensible and informative comments of your readers. Give more people a reason to join in to give their views either to contradict or to favor the original readers.

Send Them Alerts If They’ve Missed Things, Through A Well Designed Email Campaign

Create an email campaign with parts of your best posts and send it to them. Make them notice that they are missing out things that could work for them. Create and design your campaign such that, in a little time your recipient should be able to scan the topics and read through his or her relevant topics without any hassles.

So let them know what you are doing and when, how it is all going on and they will be more interested to read your work and pay you visits.

The New List Management Metric

List management of your emailing list is one of the important tasks while email marketing for the success of your email campaign. This is done by continuously editing and modifying your email list on the basis of the bounced back emails, non-responsive recipients, unsubscribe, etc. But this modification slowly and steadily leads to the diminishing of the mailing list. Hence it is essential to keep building your email list by various methodologies .The rate of growth of the email list is important to be analyzed and this is a new metric that ought to be added with the existing metrics in order to keep an eye on the growth of your mailing list.

The Concept Of List Management Metric

For the purpose of understanding the concept of list management metric, we need to understand some terminologies like List Hurdles, List Churns and List fatigue.list management

  • List hurdle rate is the number of email IDs that are lost from the email list due to various reasons. Email list hurdle gives us the exact number of emails that need to be added to our mailing list for it to be maintained at the same count.
  • List churn rate is the combined percentage of recipients who have left the email subscription for various reasons like bounces, invalid emails, spam reports, etc. This ate is generally calculated per month or annually and goes a long way in the annual planning and processing of the business and its marketing through email.
  • List fatigue gives the idea of the subscribers who have subscribed for your emails at first but later have become inactive and unresponsive. We cannot include them in any other metric like unsubscription rate as these people have not even unsubscribed. They are just not reading your emails and have become disinterested in your communication. We have to keep a track of the number of such inactive recipients also, in order to maintain a healthy mailing list.

When such metrics as list management are incorporated into our email marketing campaigns it helps a lot in improving our email lists and ultimately our email campaigns. Meta Keywords: list management, email marketing, email campaign, email list, mailing list Meta Description: Management of your emailing list is one of the important tasks while email marketing for the success of your email campaign. This is done by continuously editing and modifying your email list on…

How To Trigger Response From A Passive Subscriber

email marketing lists do contain some of those inactive and unresponsive recipients. Some of us email marketers generally prefer to wait for their response. We are mostly unable to decide whether to keep them on our email marketing lists or discard them. So we silently wait, expecting them to respond at some time or in some way.

It’s time to get geared up and find out if this relationship is in any way going to be fruitful. If no action is taken, we may land up as spam for some of them. Even they may report us as spam or also might deteriorate the email metrics with lesser click throughs.

Some steps to deal with the unresponsive email marketing lists

So here are some steps to deal with the unresponsive ones

Take their opinionemail marketing lists

  • Plan a survey on your product or services just to know why they have lingered away from you.
  •  You might also ask them for their opinion on any improvement of your brand and your email marketing lists standards.
  •  This might trigger their desire to make a difference by giving an opinion. You can ultimately recapture their interest and get them back.
  • If, in the worst case scenario, this doesn’t work, you always have the valuable information in the form of their feedback, as to why your brand could not make an impact on some of your recipients.

Try alluring them with special offers

  • Design special and specific type of emails and offers pertaining to your recipients’ needs, location and the kind of society he/she lives in.
  • Generalized kind of offers may fail to grab their attention.
  • You can either offer them free stuff, like free concert tickets, apps, games or eBooks, etc.

Finally, call it off

  • If all your efforts of retrieving them back are in vain, you have to let them go, to maintain a clean email marketing lists with interested prospective customers.
  • Because that is the USP of Opt-In email marketing lists, maintaining the recipients who are interested and improving your chances of click through.
  • Send your unresponsive recipients an email telling them that you are planning to remove them from your email marketing lists because of their lack of interest in you.
  • Ask them to click on a reconfirmation link if they want to continue receiving your emails and let them know about what they might miss if they don’t.