How To Trigger Response From A Passive Subscriber

email marketing lists do contain some of those inactive and unresponsive recipients. Some of us email marketers generally prefer to wait for their response. We are mostly unable to decide whether to keep them on our email marketing lists or discard them. So we silently wait, expecting them to respond at some time or in some way.

It’s time to get geared up and find out if this relationship is in any way going to be fruitful. If no action is taken, we may land up as spam for some of them. Even they may report us as spam or also might deteriorate the email metrics with lesser click throughs.

Some steps to deal with the unresponsive email marketing lists

So here are some steps to deal with the unresponsive ones

Take their opinionemail marketing lists

  • Plan a survey on your product or services just to know why they have lingered away from you.
  •  You might also ask them for their opinion on any improvement of your brand and your email marketing lists standards.
  •  This might trigger their desire to make a difference by giving an opinion. You can ultimately recapture their interest and get them back.
  • If, in the worst case scenario, this doesn’t work, you always have the valuable information in the form of their feedback, as to why your brand could not make an impact on some of your recipients.

Try alluring them with special offers

  • Design special and specific type of emails and offers pertaining to your recipients’ needs, location and the kind of society he/she lives in.
  • Generalized kind of offers may fail to grab their attention.
  • You can either offer them free stuff, like free concert tickets, apps, games or eBooks, etc.

Finally, call it off

  • If all your efforts of retrieving them back are in vain, you have to let them go, to maintain a clean email marketing lists with interested prospective customers.
  • Because that is the USP of Opt-In email marketing lists, maintaining the recipients who are interested and improving your chances of click through.
  • Send your unresponsive recipients an email telling them that you are planning to remove them from your email marketing lists because of their lack of interest in you.
  • Ask them to click on a reconfirmation link if they want to continue receiving your emails and let them know about what they might miss if they don’t.