Right Subject Line Is The Key Of Success in Email Marketing

The importance of creating the right subject line goes a long way to decide the success of your email campaign. It decides the exact fate of your email deliverability and also how your recipients react on your mails.

The Perfect Subject Line While Email Marketing

email subject line

To ensure that your mails are opened and read, it is important that the subject line is written with utmost care and priority.

How beneficial is your product or service to your recipient 

The first and foremost thing to consider while writing a subject is, why should the recipient look into your email..? Does it do something good to him/her..?  Is there anything which benefits the recipient in your email..? Include it in the subject if there is something important for the recipient that he might not want to lose.

Describe your mail in your subject 

As we all might know, subject lines are best written within 50 characters or so. To include a description of your email in your subject line, you need to first draft your email and then pick out the most relevant and important elements to write in your subject. Also include your company name, product and its benefits to the recipient.

Meaningful and short

Stick to the 50 characters touch stone and write your subject in a meaningful way. Such an email gets more click troughs.

Test your subject

Draft about two subject lines and test them by applying them to two different groups of emails and send them. Find out which works better and use that one.

Some things to avoid while writing subject lines while Email Marketing

  • Never leave it blank. Subject lines are the only text that your recipient can see of your mail without opening it. So make the best use of this chance and attract your recipient into opening your mail by devising the right and appropriate subject.
  • Don’t greet informally. Writing “Hello” or “Hi” in the subject line gives a perception that you are making the “effort” to catch the attention of the recipient, which bringing his/her notice to something which he/she is not interested in. That ultimately will be viewed as spam and can harm your email campaign.

Email Marketing Tips To Improve Email Marketing Campaign

It completely makes sense how email marketing is growing by the day keeping in view its cost worthiness and measure-ability, among other specialties. Having said that, there are some challenges to be met while designing and carrying out an email marketing campaign.

Challenges of your email marketing campaign


Some challenges of your email marketing campaign include deliver ability and avoiding the spam traps etc.  among others.

email marketing campaign

One of the major concerns of every email marketer is quality content. It sure decides the fate of your email marketing campaign. You are advised to focus primarily on the needs of your recipients and what they really are looking for. You are required to provide them valuable content which triggers their interest. But while you are on the task of conceptualizing such content, you should define what you have for them, what your business objectives are, On the basis of that you need to identify your target audience. Sending targeted emails to a selected group of audience works far better than sending in mass mail to a random and generic group of audience.

Along with the design of your email marketing campaign, you need to work on testing your efforts regularly. Before sending out your email marketing campaign test it by sending it to yourself and a few others in the staff. Judge its look and feel as an outsider. One helpful tip: keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Opt-in email marketing campaign are the most recommended, safe and result oriented. Try gaining more subscribers through different means, but never go in for opt-out email marketing. If your subscribers tend to unsubscribe from your campaign, try and get feedback from them for their reason of unsubscribing. Let them tell you what caused their unsubscription, whether it is irrelevant content or anything else.

Keep measuring your ups and downs. Your business is bound to all kinds of ups and downs just like any other aspect of life. But measuring your business performance will always help you in improving it.

Why Email Advertising Is Advertiser’s Current Favorite Tool..?

Marketing has seen many different kinds of tools and methods over the years like banner ads, television commercials, radio ads, etc. But as times are changing and the world is becoming more and more internet savvy, email advertising is becoming more popular because of its target oriented procedures, affordability and effectiveness.email advertising

Yes email advertising does work, let’s see how


The precisely target oriented nature of email advertising:

 Through email advertising, you can amazingly target your recipients individually. It allows to you to cater to each recipient’s needs and wants according to the product of customer’s interests. Build real one-to-one relationships with your customers.

 It is truly affordable

Yes, it costs much less than any other kind of television or banner ad campaign. It becomes cheaper as you send more. Still this kind of marketing gives the results as good as the other traditional marketing methods or even better.

Use all the variations in email advertising

Use the freedom to send images, graphics, videos, text, links, etc. to your recipients to create the kind of impact that you want.

 Track your email marketing campaign in real time

Keep track of everything that is being done to your emails. Know which emails are opened, which ones are clicked, when, from which IP,etc. This way you can always figure out how well your email campaign is progressing or you might also use any room for improvement.

 It has a broad spectrum of reach:

Sending emails anywhere is equally easy no matter where you want to send them. Be it within your country or international, the sending efficiency and affordability of your email advertising remains the same.email tips

 Let us now see some most important tips of email advertising

  •  Always send opt-in mails. Never try harvesting those emails off the net.
  • Try building and maintaining a clean mailing list. Keep excluding the opt-outs every 10 days.
  • Maintain consistency in sending your emails. Over sending or under sending might not help your campaign.
  • Design an impacting and compelling email and subject line.
  • Include opt-out options such as an unsubscribe button in your email, to maintain your clean and ethical ways and keep away from being tagged as spam.

Email Deliverability: All You Need To Know About It For Successful Email Marketing

Email deliverability rate is the most important factor which decides the fate and success of your email campaign. Email campaign success hugely depends on the inbox deliverability of your email. Deliverability rate can be explained as the number of emails that were successfully delivered out of those sent out in the whole campaign. Some of the emails that you send are bounce back and reach nowhere.

email deliverability

So the success of your email marketing strategies will only come to notice when a large percentage of your sent emails reach their destination email addresses. The desirable percentage of email deliverability is as much as it can get. In other words percentage of bounces is to be as least as possible In numbers, the percentage of bounces for a successful email campaign can vary just between two to three percent, as near to zero as possible.

Improve your email deliverability


Make sure that your subscribers don’t mistype addresses at the time of sign-up. This can be done by implementing some basic email checks at the time of sign-up for indicating typos made in the sign-up forms.

Keep cleaning your email list of the old and inactive addresses. It will help if you exclude those addresses which have not opened your emails since a long time.

Renting or purchasing a list may end up in causing more bounces. This may be caused because your rented or purchased list may not be well scrutinized and cleaned before your email campaign.

Thus, to improve the deliverability of your email marketing campaign, a clean mailing list will go a long way. This will also ensure a successful and improved overall email marketing strategy.

Facts To Help In Deciding Email Campaign Should Continue Or Stop

It becomes quite tough to identify and decide when to end your bulk email campaign. When your email campaign is running successfully or it is having its bad days, in both the scenarios, it is difficult to take the right decision of the time of ending it. Let us discuss these situations and find a perfect solution for the decision on a perfect ending. It cannot be over looked that there is no particular method or rule to conclude your mass email campaign at the right time, but there are a number of different criteria which have to be considered while taking this decision.

The right time of your mass email campaign

email campaign

Some email marketing campaigns are designed to reach a specific, time limited goal, like obtaining donations for some charity or obtaining voters’ support during elections. When the goal of these email campaign is reached that is, if the amount needed for the charity is collected or the elections are over, it is logical that the email campaign should end, however successful it might have been. In such a case, there should be no second thoughts or difficulty in taking the decision of ending the campaign.

When we think about a email campaign that is not working out results, we have to take into account a few criteria to take a decision whether to end the campaign or not. You might have to weigh some facts like the amount of investment you are putting in, the prediction of possibility of success in the near future based on the metrics and reports obtained, etc. If the email marketer is putting in much effort in terms of time and money from a long period of time, and still is unable to generate results, it is a good option to end the email campaign then and there, and think about new ideas and tactics which could work out. But if there is not much of an effort being put in into the campaign and if there is still scope to see any future development, the campaign can be carried on for some more time and wait for results.

Some campaigns are of the nature of continuity, and need to be continuously sent out to keep providing information and knowledge to your recipients and also have long term subject and offers to be delivered. Such bulk email campaigns need not be ended and can run on a long term basis.

Winning Recipient Trust Is The Key Of Success While Email Marketing

We all know that keeping contact with your customers is a very crucial part of any inline business these days. While email marketing proves to be advantageous in this endeavor, it also has many of its disadvantages that we need to be careful about, while we are going for email marketing campaigns. How much ever we would like all our recipients open and click through our emails, it is an unavoidable fact that not everyone does that, even if they have opted in for it.email marketing

Email marketing to be advantageous


Due to some indiscriminate emailers , bulk emailing has earned a bad reputation. When people send in spam or unopted emails with objectionable content, it brings a bad reputation to the whole community of email marketers. For the same reason, it has become difficult for people to part with their email IDs and people are hesitant to opt-in even for legitimate bulk emailing.

This brings the email marketers to the task of getting subscribers in a more strategic way. They should win the trust of the subscribers first by inviting them to subscribe and mentioning that their email is safe with them and will not be sold to any third party. Grab their attention towards subscription by inviting them to something which is of their interest and something in search of which they arrived at your site.

After winning their trust, you cannot lose it by sending them irrelevant emails or news letter of topics that they are uninterested in. This may be fatal for you in the long run, as there will come a time when you will face unsubscription or even spam due to these irrelevant emails.

One more task for a good email marketing endeavor is to keep modifying your emailing list so as to exclude inactive, bounced emails, spam reporting emails, etc form your list. This goes a long way for effective email marketing.