Facts To Help In Deciding Email Campaign Should Continue Or Stop

It becomes quite tough to identify and decide when to end your bulk email campaign. When your email campaign is running successfully or it is having its bad days, in both the scenarios, it is difficult to take the right decision of the time of ending it. Let us discuss these situations and find a perfect solution for the decision on a perfect ending. It cannot be over looked that there is no particular method or rule to conclude your mass email campaign at the right time, but there are a number of different criteria which have to be considered while taking this decision.

The right time of your mass email campaign

email campaign

Some email marketing campaigns are designed to reach a specific, time limited goal, like obtaining donations for some charity or obtaining voters’ support during elections. When the goal of these email campaign is reached that is, if the amount needed for the charity is collected or the elections are over, it is logical that the email campaign should end, however successful it might have been. In such a case, there should be no second thoughts or difficulty in taking the decision of ending the campaign.

When we think about a email campaign that is not working out results, we have to take into account a few criteria to take a decision whether to end the campaign or not. You might have to weigh some facts like the amount of investment you are putting in, the prediction of possibility of success in the near future based on the metrics and reports obtained, etc. If the email marketer is putting in much effort in terms of time and money from a long period of time, and still is unable to generate results, it is a good option to end the email campaign then and there, and think about new ideas and tactics which could work out. But if there is not much of an effort being put in into the campaign and if there is still scope to see any future development, the campaign can be carried on for some more time and wait for results.

Some campaigns are of the nature of continuity, and need to be continuously sent out to keep providing information and knowledge to your recipients and also have long term subject and offers to be delivered. Such bulk email campaigns need not be ended and can run on a long term basis.