Right Subject Line Is The Key Of Success in Email Marketing

The importance of creating the right subject line goes a long way to decide the success of your email campaign. It decides the exact fate of your email deliverability and also how your recipients react on your mails.

The Perfect Subject Line While Email Marketing

email subject line

To ensure that your mails are opened and read, it is important that the subject line is written with utmost care and priority.

How beneficial is your product or service to your recipient 

The first and foremost thing to consider while writing a subject is, why should the recipient look into your email..? Does it do something good to him/her..?  Is there anything which benefits the recipient in your email..? Include it in the subject if there is something important for the recipient that he might not want to lose.

Describe your mail in your subject 

As we all might know, subject lines are best written within 50 characters or so. To include a description of your email in your subject line, you need to first draft your email and then pick out the most relevant and important elements to write in your subject. Also include your company name, product and its benefits to the recipient.

Meaningful and short

Stick to the 50 characters touch stone and write your subject in a meaningful way. Such an email gets more click troughs.

Test your subject

Draft about two subject lines and test them by applying them to two different groups of emails and send them. Find out which works better and use that one.

Some things to avoid while writing subject lines while Email Marketing

  • Never leave it blank. Subject lines are the only text that your recipient can see of your mail without opening it. So make the best use of this chance and attract your recipient into opening your mail by devising the right and appropriate subject.
  • Don’t greet informally. Writing “Hello” or “Hi” in the subject line gives a perception that you are making the “effort” to catch the attention of the recipient, which bringing his/her notice to something which he/she is not interested in. That ultimately will be viewed as spam and can harm your email campaign.
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