Massmail4u.com is an excellent email marketing service Provider. That allows you to easily create and track your email campaign professionally .This also supports surveys, auto responders and many more features. In addition, there are plenty of help features to get your campaign off to a great start. Our tech support is available if you need it. With a complete lineup of tools, an easy-to-use interface and several innovative features, Massmail4u.com is the best mass mailing service available today.

mass mailing

Mass mail provides you a cost effective, user-friendly Mass mailing service. No matter if you are a new to email marketing or an experienced marketer, our solutions are the ones that you exactly need and you will know how and why you need us, by going through an experience with us.. This mass mail service gives you the choice to communicate with your existing customer in a better way or generate new sales or lead effectively. You can design a template of your own from hundreds of built-in templates. Once your creative is prepared to go, you can spell check it, see if it passes spam tests and then send out your campaign. This is supported by our dedicated team and very cost effective.Click here to get your email campaign started. This is the profitable and cost worthy solution you are looking for.

Our Mission

We aim at your success through high inbox delivery, cost effective, reliable and hassle free email marketing service. That provides a great overall experience with the help of high end technology solution and dedicated support staffs, from where the leads convert to sales and you can do best while communicating with your existing customers.

Our Mass Mailing Strategies

Welcome to our world of mass mailing, where your email campaign will get you the results you’ve seen never before with its proven strategies and experienced staff support for you. The mass mail solutions are the most effective and impressive that you will ever come across. Be it the creation of campaign, sending, tracking, customer support or the cost effectiveness, you will find Massmail4u creating the best impact on your recipients that is needed for the positive results of your campaign.

Make your follow up promotion easier and automatic with user friendly, dedicated and high inbox oriented software for your mass mailing needs and with that, loads of more useful and effective tools like auto bounce processing, list management, optimum use of your mailing lists, subscribe and unsubscribe processing, and many more that will take your emailing campaign to the great heights that you rightly deserve. The link click statistics that we provide with numerous other tools will help you know and track the exact progress of your campaign and will always show you where you can get that needed improvement into your strategies.

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