Why Email Advertising Is Advertiser’s Current Favorite Tool..?

Marketing has seen many different kinds of tools and methods over the years like banner ads, television commercials, radio ads, etc. But as times are changing and the world is becoming more and more internet savvy, email advertising is becoming more popular because of its target oriented procedures, affordability and effectiveness.email advertising

Yes email advertising does work, let’s see how


The precisely target oriented nature of email advertising:

 Through email advertising, you can amazingly target your recipients individually. It allows to you to cater to each recipient’s needs and wants according to the product of customer’s interests. Build real one-to-one relationships with your customers.

 It is truly affordable

Yes, it costs much less than any other kind of television or banner ad campaign. It becomes cheaper as you send more. Still this kind of marketing gives the results as good as the other traditional marketing methods or even better.

Use all the variations in email advertising

Use the freedom to send images, graphics, videos, text, links, etc. to your recipients to create the kind of impact that you want.

 Track your email marketing campaign in real time

Keep track of everything that is being done to your emails. Know which emails are opened, which ones are clicked, when, from which IP,etc. This way you can always figure out how well your email campaign is progressing or you might also use any room for improvement.

 It has a broad spectrum of reach:

Sending emails anywhere is equally easy no matter where you want to send them. Be it within your country or international, the sending efficiency and affordability of your email advertising remains the same.email tips

 Let us now see some most important tips of email advertising

  •  Always send opt-in mails. Never try harvesting those emails off the net.
  • Try building and maintaining a clean mailing list. Keep excluding the opt-outs every 10 days.
  • Maintain consistency in sending your emails. Over sending or under sending might not help your campaign.
  • Design an impacting and compelling email and subject line.
  • Include opt-out options such as an unsubscribe button in your email, to maintain your clean and ethical ways and keep away from being tagged as spam.

How Unsubscribing Option Is Important For The Emailing Marketers

Apart from being considered as a good practice, providing an unsubscribe option also helps emailing marketers in a number of ways. It is a known fact that email campaigns should contain an unsubscribe option is to avoid being labeled as a spammer. It is important that the recipients should be given the freedom to decide whether they want to receive communication from you and this goes along way in determining a strong and long lasting customer relationship with the emailing marketers. Incorporating the unsubscribe in your welcome message itself will prevent the recipient from further receiving unwanted emails and frustrate the recipient to the extent of reporting as spam.

Benefits of emailing marketers

emailing marketers

The benefits that emailing marketers can make out of incorporation of unsubscribe button in the emails is that, they will come to know the number of recipients who have opted out even after opting in for their email campaign. This gives the emailing marketers an idea that there is something that has to be improved in order to keep the existing recipients intact. From further efforts like surveys, etc. the reasons of such behavior can be found out and the email marketing tactics can be further improved. It is only a number of unsubscribes that force the company to rethink about its emailing marketers techniques and improve them.

Also, after any of the recipients have unsubscribed, it is a good practice to send them an acknowledgement that the unsubscribe process has been completed. This ensures trust among the customers and improves the reputation of the company as a whole.

Keeping the unsubscribe button easily locatable works in the favor of emailing marketers. It discourages their recipients from clicking the spam button. A good way is to include a two step process of unsubscribing which allows the recipient to confirm the removal. The first step might allow him to unsubscribe and at the second step you may ask the reason for unsubscribing, so that you nay improve your campaign and give them better results. At this point of time he might either change his idea of unsubscribing or give in a feedback to you on why he is opting to unsubscribe.